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  • adverb In an asynchronous manner.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

asynchronous +‎ -ly


  • So if you need to do any type of I/O from within an HTTP Module, I recommend you make the calls asynchronously and if you are retrieving data, cache it!

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  • Basically, the idea is to: interrupt the call, grab stack, store and execute the call asynchronously when the response comes in, pull the stack out and continue working physical thread is free to keep working on something else meanwhile not write this explicitly, have the framework do it for you so that code looks like the usual procedural program


  • Our Town is thus established "asynchronously" - players take turns and never any two are there at the same time.

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  • Our Town is thus established "asynchronously" - players take turns and never any two are there at the same time.

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  • I don't think that turn taking counts against being a synchronous game - the the example of chess - you can talk about playing it synchronously, in which both players are present but can't take moves at the same time or asynchronously, which is the play by mail example.

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  • If you make the web service calls asynchronously, you'll enable a bunch of front end requests to execute concurrently, and the user experience will be much better because they'll get their response about as fast as the web service back-end can respond.

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  • When accessing the data service asynchronously, which is required by both Silverlight and Windows Phone applications, counting gets a little more tricky.

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  • For this scenario, I think your web front end will be more reliable and responsive if it makes those web service calls asynchronously.

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  • You have to make the back-end calls asynchronously.

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  • Creating server only validation that may be called asynchronously from the client

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