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  • noun Plural form of atavism.


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  • He dedicated Degeneration to the Italian Jewish physician Cesare Lombroso, who pioneered a criminal anthropology in which bodily deformations or so-called atavisms—big jaws, low brows, even tattoos—identified the delinquent.


  • Hints of long-extinct creatures, echoes of evolution past, occasionally emerge in real life-they're called atavisms, rare cases of individuals born with characteristic features of their evolutionary antecedents.

    Wired Top Stories

  • Here and there, it is true, there were atavisms, men who yearned for the flesh-pots and cannibal-feasts of the old alleged “individualism,” creatures long of teeth and savage of claw who wanted to prey upon their fellow-men; but they were looked upon as diseased, and were treated in hospitals.


  • They serve the men who lead the commercial life, give to their sons somnambulistic educations, preach that sleep-walking is the only way to walk, and that the persons who walk otherwise are atavisms or anarchists.

    The Somnambulists

  • Above all, he detested what he called the “atavisms” by which Jews gave themselves away, especially when impersonating goyim.

    What Young White Jewish Adults Like (About Themselves) « The Blog at 16th and Q

  • Our Supreme Soviet announces that it has sent troops to Afghanistan in order to help it rid itself of the atavisms of capitalism.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • The upwelling of nativist atavisms, the angry frustrations of our people who know in their marrow that the best days are behind us, and a cynical and thoughtless Republican establishment will press upon a weak and confused president.

    Michael Brenner: America's World

  • "It's delusive to say that you are some kind of pious post-historical automaton [for whom] five million years of tribalism have just evaporated," you said, before adding: "I think I'm pretty free of racism, but I get little impulses, urges and atavisms now and then."

    Johann Hari: The Two Faces of Amis: An Exclusive Interview With Martin Amis

  • Norse Gods, fly agaric mushrooms, prehistoric atavisms, the unavoidable void and the density of matter ...

    Metamorphic In The UK | Disinformation

  • We met chameleons and hustlers of every shade and had to learn, in a hurry, incomprehensible atavisms and pathologies.

    9/11 and the 'Good War'


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