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  • n. Common misspelling of atheist.


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  • Most people here are comfortable using the term athiest and agnostic loosely and interchangably, as Mark demonstrates.

    Do Atheists Exist?

  • I have said somthings to people that werent right on here and I am sorry about them, but you, on the other hand, are just another pot smokin athiest peta city slicker and I cant wait till you get your just-deserves!!!

    11-Year-Old Boy Dies In Georgia Youth-Hunt Accident

  • I do not know of a single Christian who says raising children athiest is worse than sexually abusing them or knocking their teeth out.

    A New Movement Among Us

  • Why must the "athiest" - a smear designed to marginalize those that do not share a narrow view

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • (as in "athiest" -- not a theist) "muse" -- to think or consider

    Making Home

  • The Khmer Rouge are generally described as "athiest," but the term "irreligious" would be more accurate: the Khmer Rouge were openly hostile to religion.

    Cambodian Buddhism

  • I am thinking, however, about a conversation I had with a member of my current church, an older avowed "athiest" though an active and driven church leader who told me sincerely that she was feeling that there was no longer room for her perspective in, in her words, "the whole world."

    Philocrites: Moments in bad publicity for atheists.

  • "scientifical" deniers of the evidences right in front of your snot-packed NOSES that the WORLDWIDE FLUD of Naoh can explain all of geologgy BETTER than your so-called athiest materialist naturalist "Science" which you all buy into because of your unquestioning hero-woirship of Darwinianisticalismists like Hitler and P >


  • God gave us dominion over all the animals (most of are athiest so that dont affect them much) but I wish they'd just leave us (and this website) alone!

    Is anyone else tired of all these hippies and peta morons?

  • I am a Marine, a Jew, an athiest, a socialist, and an until-recently proud democrat.

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