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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of atomize.


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  • For those hard-to-reach spots, we have a little treat called ‘thermobaric,’ which means that in a nanosecond before detonation the explosive atomizes, that is, turns to droplets of mist that fill the air.

    Dead Zero

  • The use of space here "atomizes" society- it breaks society up into small fragments- and therefore without the overt brutality of the Soviet System, without developing a system of gulags isolated from each other from which there is no escape but work or death, the modern planned urban area of the red-state creates a society in which people do not readily know and rely on their neighbors, except, perhaps if they live in the same apartment complex or homeowners' association and if they actively participate therein.

    Grotesque Urban Planning Creates the Politics of Red State Rootlessness

  • It atomizes communities, increases anxiety, wariness, avoidance and truculence and dissolves the sense of mutual regard and obligations of civility.

    Big Stick Conservatism

  • It splits longstanding loyalties, atomizes opposition and plays interests off one another while providing smoke screens for new reforms.

    The Summer Of Sarkozy

  • This atomizes the stream into 300-micron droplets, creating a blast of fine mist to cool any nearby gases.

    Firefighters Keep From Broiling With the Rosenbauer Water-Atomizing Nozzle

  • Where most films show, Warhol prefers to obscure; where most films focus, Warhol atomizes and destroys until all focus is lost in a barrage of unresolved fragments.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • Brakhage instead atomizes the police officer's day into fragmentary small actions, repeated routines, and momentary bursts of activity.

    11/11: Crimes and Misdemeanors; Pittsburgh Trilogy; The Text of Light

  • Our process air - dries and atomizes wet sludge to a dry powder

    Business Wire Travel News

  • Instead, ask how to go about making it so a fuel nozzle atomizes exactly 15 cubic cm of fuel per second, or at least ask how fuel atomization works.

  • The patented HaloGenerator creates humidity, filters the air, and grinds and atomizes the salt into air particles for the rooms.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper


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