from The Century Dictionary.

  • Of place, over.
  • Of number or quantity, over; beyond; more than.
  • Over and above; besides.
  • noun See attour.


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  • The filmmaker (13-year-old Max) filmed his mom in this slice-of-life one-minute episode (hey, you gotta start somewhere!), which takes placehere atour vineyard.

    mise en bouteille / wine bottling

  • Also, with a limited number of promotional copies of books atour disposal, the widening array of literary blogsmeans book publicists, now more than ever, must pick and choose who receives complimentary copies of books.

    2009 May « The Book Publicity Blog

  • On atour to promote her book, “Still Standing,” beauty queen/motivational speaker/gift to bloggerseverywhereCarrie Prejean says people can call it what they want, but the video that has people buzzingincluded her and only her, and wasmade when she was a teenagerfor her boyfriend at the time.

    11 « November « 2009 « Dating Jesus

  • And for more ondrug ads,take a look atour CR AdWatch series.

    Hey, big spender. How much are you shelling out on Rx drugs?

  • Andtake a look atour Treatment Ratingssubscribers only.

    Tip of the day: Be aware of risk factors for prostate cancer

  • Alexander had, before he ascended the throne, made atour of Europe, and during a visit to Darmstadt, in the Grand Duchy of Hesse, he had fallen in love with a German Princess,Maximiliana-Wilhelmina.

    FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871

  • Words in ion have the accent upon the antepenult, as salvátion, perturbátion, concóction; words in atour or ator on the penult, as dedicátor.

    A Grammar of the English Tongue

  • Trissyllables ending in ator or atour, as creátour; or having in the middle syllable a diphthong, as endeávour; or a vowel before two consonants, as doméstick; accent the middle syllable.

    A Grammar of the English Tongue

  • I defy anyone to look atour agenda - I mean properly look at it - and claim that we are timidor complacent in the face of the big challenges this country faces.

    Yahoo! News: Latest news headlines News Headlines | Top Stories

  • "They told us to takeout all the light fixtures," Salvia Miramontes explains as she leads me on atour of her gutted house.

    ABC 4: Top Stories


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