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  • adjective superlative form of auld: most auld.


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  • But there was no question of his ever dying anywhere but in his auld American wooden house, in the auldest part of

    Peter Pouncey - An interview with author

  • Her auldest laddie's been awa 'oot amon' the Reed Indians, or some o 'thae ither lang-haired, naked fowk' at never wash themsel's; an 'they say he's made a heap o' bawbees.

    My Man Sandy

  • I hae freends con-nekit wi 'the auldest clans, and though I'm, in a mainner o' speakin ', i' the tail o 'Doom, as I was i' the tail o 'his faither afore him -- peace wi' him, he was the grand soger!

    Doom Castle

  • See where the first stream o’ light fa’s—it’s upon Donagild’s round tower—the auldest tower in the Castle o’ Ellangowan—that’s no for naething!

    Chapter XLVI

  • Shetland hose, and mittens, thread, and patent shears, measuring, and all other particulars belonging to our trade, which he said, at long and last, after we had joked together, was a power better one than the farming line; and he promised to bind his auldest callant 'prentice to me to the tailoring trade.

    The World's Greatest Books — Volume 06 — Fiction

  • ` ` There's the Laird o 'Dunder, ane o' the auldest families in

    The Black Dwarf

  • Syne Jean, the auldest lassie, gets up frae the table an 'lifts the jug or the plates an' gaes awa ben to the east room for what's wanted.

    A Window in Thrums

  • "I'm the dame's auldest neighbor," he had said at the Red Lion that afternoon, when the event of the night previous had been discussed.

    The Shadow of a Crime A Cumbrian Romance

  • The auldest o 'them said to her mither: "Mither, bake me a bannock, and roast me a collop, for I'm gaun awa' to seek my fortune. "

    Blue Fairy Book

  • It's the auldest bank in Soho, an 'there's nane atween you and the head o' it.

    Winter Evening Tales


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