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  • noun Plural form of aunt.


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  • Center has seen this dreadful progression up close: One of her aunts is bedridden and doesn't recognize her.

    Watching a loved one sink into Alzheimer's, dementia can be harrowing

  • She had grown to be a handy little creature, and tasks she was capable of doing at all she did like a flash, so that when she called her aunts at five o'clock to pass judgment, she had accomplished wonders.

    Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

  • As a kid with an Irish mother and a Slavic father, I was familiar with pasta con le sarde, gnocchi, tripe and the ubiquitous lasagna thanks to neighbors, friends of my parents we called aunts and uncles, and schoolmates who traced their lineages to Italy.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Besides, the aunts were an unstoppable force, each had an energy that belied her great age even the youngest, Aunt Hettie, wasnt a day under eighty.

    Kate Morton Ebook Collection

  • They're literally on the phone -- my two middle ones -- calling their aunts and uncles and bouncing names off them.

    CNN Transcript Dec 28, 2008

  • Called my aunts house and defused an argument between Tess and Tori having to do with sleeping arrangements, he said.


  • And a lot of Southern people call their aunts and uncle -- aunts and older people in their family Madea.

    CNN Transcript Feb 23, 2006

  • "I sense I will always be their mother but now our aunts are our mothers," she said.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • One of my aunts was a high school student at the time and was taking a course on social sciences that included history and there were some chapters on Egyptians and Mesopotamians.

    Interactive Dig Waka' - Interviews

  • It was rather like being in a net, thought Jenny despondently; she was aware that her friends at hospital had envied her; a lesser stately home to go to on her days off, money of her own, titled aunts and uncles, a nice young | man waiting to marry her and transfer her to exactly the same kind of background. it was all so suitable, and yet she felt trapped.

    Grasp A Nettle


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