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  • noun [capitalized] A genus of fungi, type of the family Auriculariaceæ, having an irregular gelatinous more or less ear-shaped sporocarp, with a smooth or somewhat, wrinkled hymenium. A. Auricula-Judæ is a common and widely distributed species. See Jew's-ear.
  • noun [Pl. auriculariæ (-ē).] A term applied to an early stage of the development of the embryo of certain echinoderms, as those of the genera Holothuria, Synapta, etc., when it is ciliated. See Holothuridea.
  • noun [capitalized] In conchology, a generic name variously used: as, by De Blainville for a genus of acephalous mollusks; by Fabricius for a genus of gastropods.

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  • noun plural (Zoöl.) A kind of holothurian larva, with soft, blunt appendages. See Illustration in Appendix.

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  • noun zoology The larvae of the sea cucumber.

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  • noun type genus of the Auriculariaceae


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From Latin auriculāria ("ear-shaped things").


  • At least the Asian markets seem to have stopped selling "Jew's Ear" mushrooms, fresh and dried (auricularia auriculara-judae), but the interwebs are still full of recipes for "Jew's Ear Soup" 木耳湯 (I can't vouch for the Chinese characters - I got them off a web site ... can anyone confirm or amend?)

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  • Another product called dolastatin 10, isolated from the sea hare (Dolabella auricularia) of the Indian Ocean, has been investigated as a treatment for breast and liver cancers and leukemia.

    Global warming takes a toll on coral reefs

  • The ligaments of the auricula (ligamenti auricularia [Valsalva]; ligaments of the pinna) consist of two sets: (1) extrinsic, connecting it to the side of the head; (2) intrinsic, connecting various parts of its cartilage together.

    X. The Organs of the Senses and the Common Integument. 1d. 1. The External Ear

  • Local specialties include tea, sweet oranges, tobacco, fragrant fungus, auricularia auricular and Chinese chestnuts.

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  • _Limnæa stagnalis_); and (3) Ear-shaped (type _Limnæa auricularia_).

    Amateur Fish Culture

  • Forficula auricularia) feeds at night on shoots and roots of many agricultural crops, earwigs are usually not considered pests.

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