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  • noun Plural form of aurochs.


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  • The forests and the plains gave plentifully of fruits and wild birds, antelope, aurochsen, and elk.


  • The most unique item of this “Game Book,” with the exception, naturally, of the two aurochsen, are assuredly the three whales which the emperor shot with a harpoon gun, on the occasion of his yachting trip to the furthermost portion of Norway a few summers ago.

    The Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe

  • Thus there are a couple of “aurochsen,” which is a species of bison-like wild cattle, still to be found strictly preserved in the private domains of the Emperor of Russia.

    The Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe

  • And they found bisons, aurochsen, in the mountains, Paul says, and is not surprised thereat, because there are plenty of them in Hungary near by.

    Roman and the Teuton

  • In contrast to mtDNA studies, analyses of paternally-inherited Y-chromosome haplotypes are equivocal on whether male aurochsen contributed to European The recent advent of high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies, also referred to as

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  • Inferences from these investigations have been based largely on the analysis of partial mitochondrial DNA sequences generated from modern animals, with limited sequence data from ancient aurochsen samples.

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  • Bos taurus, with some lines of evidence suggesting possible, albeit rare, genetic contributions from locally domesticated wild aurochsen across Eurasia.

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  • Sequence analysis reveals evidence of heteroplasmy in this sample and places this mitochondrial genome sequence securely within a previously identified aurochsen haplogroup (haplogroup P), thus providing novel insights into pre-domestic patterns of variation.

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  • A contrasting picture is seen in Italy, where all ancient aurochsen mtDNA control region sequences to date have been assigned to macro-haplogroup T

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  • However, the recent reporting of two novel, albeit rare, putative aurochs sequences (haplogroups Q and R) in modern animals sampled in Italy, together with the detection of a haplogroup P sequence in a modern taurine animal support at least some local adoption of wild aurochsen matrilines

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