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  • n. Plural form of aurora.


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  • The natural coloured light displays, known as auroras, are usually observed at night, particularly in the polar zone.

    NASA scientist watch New light on Saturn

  • The auroras were a little disappointing this first winter as seen from

    South with Scott

  • These same storms illuminate night skies with brilliant sheets of red and green known as auroras, or the northern or southern lights.

    The Student Operated Press

  • Scientists have ruled out natural phenomenon for the lights such as auroras, reflections and so forth thus leading to the inescapable conclusion that we are not alone in the solar system.

    Unconfirmed Sources

  • What in the summer sky can approximate the windblown, glassy, whitened auroras blasted off mountain ridges or rising from the plains?

    The Fire We Tend Against Winter

  • The resulting torrent of charged particles emanating from the sun arrived days later at the outer limits of Earth's atmosphere where it interacted with Earth's magnetic field, causing a geomagnetic storm and creating spectacular auroras.

    Space weather: Are we ready for a solar strike?

  • The most common impacts for the average person are the glowing auroras around the north and south poles, and the researchers said those could be visible this weekend.

    Massive Solar Flares' Effects Arriving On Earth

  • The first visible-light video of Saturn's auroras was released by NASA's JPL.

    November 2009

  • Better modeling of the atmosphere will help enhance GPS accuracy, which can sometimes suffer during periods when there are auroras and other disturbances in the electrically charged outer layer of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere.

    A Canadian satellite proves small is beautiful

  • The sun has unleashed its most powerful solar flares in four years, sending a torrent of charged particles that could bring auroras as far south as Washington, D.C., scientists say.

    Solar flares could create auroras over northern U.S.


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