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  • adjective biology Describing any characteristic that has evolved in only a single species (or other taxon)


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  • So cladistics is a reductive method, stripping a defined set of taxa, that have for sure one trait in common, of all distinguishing, autapomorphic traits to arrive at sets of plesiomorphic traits that are common to all taxa in the monophylitic clade.

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  • Or maybe he meant that the taxa listed above share characters that are autapomorphic for the listed genera in his analysis.

    ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part IV

  • The variability was restricted to very few differences in sequence length and autapomorphic changes.

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  • Additionally, the prominent offset proximal hook of the deltopectoral crest is autapomorphic for

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  • The distinct, plate-like medial process of the scapula contributing posteriorly to the glenoid surface is autapomorphic.

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  • Tibia robust; proximal articular condyle sub-equally expanded; cnemial crest projects cranially then laterally (autapomorphic); ovoid distal articular surface; distal breadth more than twice that of mid-shaft.

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  • Ulna with straight caudal margin, inflated olecranon process; lateral groove along diaphysis (autapomorphic); round and discontinuous lateral tuberosity.

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  • Fibula expanded proximally; intermediate robusticity (autapomorphic); distal articular surface bevelled cranio-medially.

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  • (autapomorphic); deltopectoral crest prominent, extending to mid-shaft; proximal border shallowly sigmoidal; proximo-lateral corner square; distal condyles merged and flat extending only just onto anterior face of shaft; proximal breadth 50% of total length.

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