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  • noun Plural form of autistic.


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  • Emphasis on frontal lobe damage in autistics is emphasized in the section Trapped Inside The Big Picture, but there are problems with this.

    Animals In Translation « When Squirrels Attack

  • The world isn’t exactly what you’d call entirely short in autistics who sometimes fit in the absent-minded professor stereotype (though I’ll hasten to add that they don’t nessacarrily completely confrom).

    Animals In Translation « When Squirrels Attack

  • Well, I happen to lead a pretty strong online community of Autistic moms moms of autistics, that is, not actual autistic moms, I can sling the postcard project link up there and you will be kept busy for some time...

    A signal for help: 'In distress'

  • Few, during Autism Awareness Month, and certainly not Hollywood or the main stream media giants, will look beyond the accomplishments of a few High Functioning media celebrity "autistics" to even acknowledge the existence of severely autistic persons living desperate lives in institutional facilities.

    "BANPC" via James Bow in Google Reader

  • If you find yourself in a pinch and need an authority for the argument that autism is 100\% genetic, that "autistics" do not want to be cured, or that you should speak for the autistic child who can not speak for herself, instead of her parents, consult the wisdom of the Greek and Roman Classics as revealed in The 10 Neurodiversity Commandments.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • "autistics". and opposing evidence based interventions for other people's autistic children.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • Basically they are "high functioning" autistics, not completely locked in their own interior world but maybe stuck in a high tower peering down at the rest of human society.

    The Spice Must Flow

  • In addition to their inability to form normal human attachments, Kanner said, autistics exhibited an extreme lack of empathy and a tendency to become unnaturally absorbed in routine tasks.

    The Panic Virus

  • To take but one example: Despite superficial similarities, the motor difficulties exhibited by people with mercury poisoning bear little resemblance to the repetitive movements typical of autistics.

    The Panic Virus

  • But the way he rattles through his pieces, flipping off a little of this, and then a little of that, showing off his brilliance, reveling in weirdo paradoxes, isn't going to appeal to many who aren't already smartypants autistics.

    Where is the Failure?, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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