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  • noun informal An autobiography.


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Shortening; compare biog.


  • Lots of people realised it, too: his autobiog had sold a respectable 14,000 or so copies before going out of print, and within a couple of months of its reissue, the royalties had made him and his family very comfortable indeed.

    Matthew Yglesias » Times Change

  • I've just finished reading the first volume of Marquez's autobiog and I found it very heavy going, partly because the translation leaves a lot to be desired, partly because it needs a chronology and indexing but mostly because there are so many characters in it that I gave up trying to remember who was who.

    [writing technique] you may or may not agree

  • As I understand it, the PM only offers his government's resignation after an election or no-confidence defeat - what happened today is a single resignation triggering what is technically a reshuffle see the back of John Major's autobiog for an example.

    The First Lord of the Treasury's First and Last Act

  • The sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti composed a monumental work on art and artists that contains the first autobiog - raphy known to have been written by an artist (Schlos - ser, 1912).

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • If you are dippy enough to buy Eamonn Holmes 'autobiog, don't forget to ask your bookseller for a sick bag.


  • "Reminds me of that section of Frank Zappa's autobiog ..."

    Boing Boing

  • "Reminds me of that section of Frank Zappa's autobiog ..."

    Boing Boing

  • "Reminds me of that section of Frank Zappa's autobiog ..."

    Boing Boing

  • Screws exclusive - which was then scalped by every website going, including this one - you are left with a fairly standard player autobiog from prolific school days onward, albeit with occasional references to the problems lurking ahead.


  • i'm reading john major's autobiog at the moment, the bit about 1992 when chris patten made your party re-elected, but lost his own seat in the process. i think you're wales' chris patten. i'm sure your best contributions to welsh public life are yet to come.

    Bag of Nerves


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