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  • noun dated A motor vehicle operating as a cab, as opposed to earlier horse-drawn cabs.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

auto- +‎ cab


  • If he could make it to the autocab before it closed its doors, his escape would be assured.

    The Mocking Program

  • It took me a little over two hours to get to Ellis by autocab and monorail.

    The Forever War

  • On his way back to Manhattan, he sat in the autocab and fumed.

    Dead Giveaway

  • Four cups of coffee and a solid meal later, checked out and armed with hard money for an autocab, he headed for Gary Station.

    Between Planets

  • He fumbled in his pouch for his claim check while he worried about just how he would get there; he still did not have hard money with which to pay off an autocab.

    Between Planets

  • He was glad to crawl into his autocab and close the cover.

    Between Planets

  • He pulled Don forward and placed his hand on something; Don felt around and decided that it was a parked autocab, its top open.

    Between Planets

  • The doctor glanced at his watch as they left the last autocab and said, "We've killed enough time.

    Between Planets


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