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  • noun Plural form of autocrat.


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  • BASH: There is the presumptive republican nominee John McCain speaking in Los Angeles last week, there in particular, in his foreign policy speech, about the what he called the autocrats who run the majority of the Middle East and how he would deal with them in a McCain presidency but he went on in that very very lengthy address, the first major foreign policy address since becoming the presumptive nominee, to explain in very clear terms how he thinks he would be different from President Bush, whether it was -- would be closing Guantanamo Bay or pushing for a new global treaty on climate change or perhaps most interestingly, talking about the need to reach out to allies and try to find support among allies, especially before the United States would engage in any kind of military intervention abroad.

    CNN Transcript Mar 30, 2008

  • Ironically, though, when Latin American autocrats blame the region's problems on Yankee influence, they may be more right than they know. "

    Rational Review

  • Therefore I submit, that anyone worth their 'salt' should make sure, that more (young) people vote on ballots and make them count and the socalled autocrats are no more.

    Tyee - Home

  • Split Decision Some Latin American autocrats are supporting the Libyan leader.

    Where Gadhafi's Name Is Still Gold

  • The U.S. has supported some notable "autocrats" in its own endeavours to secure resources and markets for its corporate partners.

    Robert Kagan's Mythology of U.S. Exceptionalism

  • Twice every day, before and after lunch, one met the "autocrats," the world's statesmen whose names were in every mouth -- the wise men who would have been much wiser than they were if only they had credited their friends and opponents with a reasonable measure of political wisdom.

    The Inside Story of the Peace Conference

  • RANCHI - The Congress in Jharkhand says bureaucrats have become "autocrats" during

    Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7

  • We are now told by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government that the overthrow of Tunisia's and Egypt's rulers and the challenges to other regional autocrats, whose regimes provided Israel with a certain stability by repressing forcefully popular Arab anger over Israel's occupation policies, no longer allows Israel to accede to risky "concessions" that a peace accord entails.

    Henry Siegman: The Democracy Revolutions and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

  • The problem is that variants of Gadhafist stability, without the evil clown, are likely to be the new norm among the Middle East's surviving autocrats.

    The Stability Dilemma

  • I argued that the autocrats' decades-old model of using public-sector jobs to placate their populations' economic aspirations was falling apart.

    The Stability Dilemma


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