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  • adjective philosophy Relating to knowledge of knowledge itself


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

auto- +‎ epistemic


  • It is also usual to impose a groundedness condition on autoepistemic extensions of T, ensuring that every member of an extension has some reason tracing back to T.

    Logic and Artificial Intelligence

  • In Moore's autoepistemic logic, an extension E of a theory T is a superset of T that is stable, i.e., that is deductively closed, and that satisfies the following two rules:

    Logic and Artificial Intelligence

  • Non-classical logics such as modal logics, intuitionsitic logic, multi-valued logics, autoepistemic logics, non-monotonic reasoning, commonsense and default reasoning, relevant logic, paraconsistent logic, and so on, have been increasingly gaining the attention of the automated reasoning community.

    Automated Reasoning


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