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  • adjective Referring to a writing (book or article) about ones own ethnic background.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

auto- + ethnography


  • I guess I'm just in my "autoethnography" mode, since this ridiculous family literacies project is due in less than three weeks and I just found out now.

    nspblues Diary Entry

  • Where would you fit an emerging area I'd call "identity, self-representation, autoethnography"?

    Dominant research areas?

  • In recent decades autoethnography, critique, and resistance have reconnected with writing in a contemporary creation of the contact zone, the testimonio... GUAMAN POMA.

  • On the walk to my car I flipped through my newly-returned paperwork and found her comments on my autoethnography (that final journal project I brainstormed).

    nspblues Diary Entry

  • After class I took a few minutes to ask my professor about getting back my autoethnography and portfolio from last semester, and then see whether she would mind writing one of my recommendations.

    nspblues Diary Entry

  • I wrote this little "essay" last August on the 5-year anniversary of the day it happened and later used it as part of my autoethnography project for Family Literacies.

    nspblues Diary Entry

  • After the autoethnography and the group presentation and the debates and other "final" endeavors, the sense of finality that I'm already feeling about this class is preventing me from understanding what could possibly be put on a final exam at this point.

    nspblues Diary Entry

  • As of 4: 02 a.m. this morning, following those hours 'worth of work, printer malfunctioning, and program errors, my autoethnography was officially completed.

    nspblues Diary Entry

  • Now I sit here, having not read the Poe selections assigned for American Lit., trying desperately to devise a theme for my final autoethnography project for Family Literacies (for those who aren't up-to-date on that, I got my professor's approval to do a creative writing piece rather than stick to the pre-outlined project we were originally handed ... one that includes drawing, music, recorded interviews, transcriptions, essays, etc ... anyway, screw that).

    nspblues Diary Entry

  • Saw the National Museum and then a wonderful exhibit on Yeats. autoethnography (without a methods section!) in my Ireland blog post

    Silence and Voice


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