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  • n. A feature on a joystick that permits automatic firing, as though the player were repeatedly pressing the fire button.


auto- +‎ fire (Wiktionary)


  • We had a chance to get our hands on the game at EA yesterday and we've got to say, the port has turned out great, with three control schemes (touch to move and shoot, tilt to move/touch to shoot or an overlaid d-pad and buttons) plus options such as autofire and the ability to switch between full-screen and the original coin-op aspect ratio.


  • However, your ship can only move left or right from one spot, a la Galaga and others, which in a way nicely compensates for the tilt control, but there's no autofire, meaning you have to beat on the screen repeatedly if you want to shoot consistently.

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  • So, that is also another reason that I wanted to point out the fact that your script is not designed for a fighting game which doesn't suit the purpose of using the "autofire" in the 1st place, but somehow, I think the message sounds a bit confused by my typo or something of whatever that I am not familiar with the term that we use in AHK.

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  • Because I have been working on this with Chris and he pointed out the fact that it must be more specified, and as I did, I found out that people should be aware of a thing or two about the "autofire" for a fighting game; otherwise, the currectly the script like yours only works as a automated key that simply repeats itself, but yet it is not efficiently designed (mapped) to fit the purpose of using the "autofire," as what I have described-above.

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  • The controls are simple – the autofire feature means you just have to move left and right – but some depth is provided by the weapons shop that lets you spend your credits on laser guns and smart bombs.

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  • Non-autofire cards can either lower or raise your Nightmares.

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  • Mushroom autofire cards will always raise your Tracking Down the Manager.

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  • All other red-bordered autofire cards will lower your Nightmares.

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  • The autofire cards are just starting to be replaced with choice cards again, which is where it got interesting before.

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  • A Game of Chess: 8 This is a really interesting dream sequence, with fewer autofire cards and more choices.

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