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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of autolyse.


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  • The other carcass was autolysed which is likely to have resulted in the failure to isolate

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  • COOPE., E. A.: The curative action of autolysed yeast against avian polyneuritis.

    The Vitamine Manual

  • Zilva showed that when a mixture of equal volumes of autolysed yeast and orange juice is treated with fuller's earth the "B" is removed and the "C" left unaltered.

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  • Their discovery was that when a filtrate from autolysed yeast is prepared, rich in the vitamine, and is shaken with

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  • The author ban recently been able to obtain a concentrate vitamine from an extract of alfalfa or autolysed yeast with the aid of a carbon specially activated by McKee of Columbia University for the adsorption of basic substance.

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  • By shaking an autolysed yeast extract with those solvents in the proportion of 1 cc. of solvent to which 4 cc. of extract the vitamine passes into the oil.

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  • I mixed the flour and water and autolysed for 30 minutes.

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  • Given the higher revenue earning potential and premium value image, specialty yeasts, such as, autolysed, plasmolysed and hydrolysed food yeasts, are expected to score the highest gains in the marketplace in the upcoming years.

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  • Goldcell, dried yeasts and autolysed yeasts line that can be use in food applications, bakery products and as a nutrient for fermentation for example.

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  • Ohly offers a wide range of products such as yeast extracts, inactive dry yeast, special vitamin yeast, yeast cell wall derivatives, medical yeast and autolysed yeast, based on bakers and / or Torula yeast, as well as wine yeast, specialty powders and starter cultures.

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