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  • noun Automation.

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  • noun A process of making an action of a higher animal reflexive.


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automatize +‎ -ation


  • He labels such a predicament "automatization" (avtomatizatsiya), and he provides a solution for it, a technique he calls "making strange" or "defamiliarization" (ostranenie). TRANSLATING SHKLOVSKY.

  • "The magic of automatization, and in particular the kind of automatization where the devices learn," he adds, "may be expected to be similarly literal-minded".


  • The significant change that computers have wrought upon the culture of spelling has come not via the spell-check function of word processing programs but through the insidious automatization of that function: your computer can now correct you as you type.

    A Conversation with Myla Goldberg about Wickett's Remedy

  • Seo work relies heavily on the wow orwow goldworld of warcraft goldwow gold kaufenbuy wow goldexperience,and the arithmetic of searching engine is also changed continuously,all the every website and industry can probably require the different optimized method,so it is very difficult to implement automatization.

    The Tail Section » Comment System Maintenance

  • I guess is possible the automatization, but there is also other packagers like autopackage, thought dont know if is really "auto" lol.

    SPE 0.8.4.b works fine in Ubuntu Gutsy

  • Considering probably that there is no way to force Chavez from not using the public monies they openly ask for a new electoral law where state should finance political parties and where the automatization at all costs sought by chavismo does not become the stumbling block it has become for fair election.

    03/12/2006 - 03/19/2006

  • Now, in 2003 the CNE embarked on a massive automatization program, ditching the previous system that served to elect Chavez in 1998 for a new system from Smartmatic and co.

    Why the CNE keeps losing credibility

  • Professor answer: The technical terms are the automatization and rehearsal of cognitive schema.

    I thought we could pick up that mailbox

  • A second area of application is strongly tied with this first one: the automatization of data and knowledge mining.

    Many-Valued Logic

  • This is particularly remarkable because the book, though gentle in tone, is neither easy to read nor solicitous of parents: "Parents should be responsible for the ongoing automatization of skills and facts," the doctor declares:

    Evangelists for Kids


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