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  • noun The character or fact of being automobile; capacity for making automatic movements. See automtatic, 2.
  • noun The use of automobiles as a means of locomotion; travel by means of automobiles.

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  • noun The utilization of automobiles as the major means of transportation and mobility.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of automobile and mobility


  • Time to get over wishful thinking about the reach of dense, transit-oriented living and do much more focusing on how to make automobility and sprawling residential areas less carbon intense.

    The Future is In Cities « PubliCola

  • The exhibit is so fundamentally great, so full of obvious reference standards—Ferrari 250 GTO, Alfa 8C2900 B Mille Miglia, McLaren F1 LM—that it comprises a sort of greatest hits of automobility, the most bankable and unquestionable classic cars on earth, the Bach, Beethoven and Brahms of horsepower.

    A Man Driven to Distraction

  • Unlike those youngsters, my lack of automobility is mostly based on principles: I hold cars responsible for a number of evils, from global warming to suburban sprawl.

    'The Allure of the Automobile' at Atlanta's High Museum by Blake Gopnik

  • As the curators note in the catalog, Detroit and Los Angeles are the cities most associated with the rise of American automobility.

    A Historical Drive Through New York

  • A stock-take of the production facilities, supply chains, human ingenuity and labour available, and a reallocation into project teams to develop different aspects of future automobility.

    Gavin D. J. Harper: Why the World Needs Green Motors, not General Motors...

  • And I see every reason to divert whatever we intended to spend on automobility to be diverted to other systems that we know will work to reduce trip distamnces, allow much greater accessibility to all the goods and services we need and at the same time greatlky reduce many of the risks that car use exposes us to.

    Maersk Decision Means Less Cargo, Jobs At West Coast Ports « Stephen Rees’s blog

  • Add the astonishing price in human lives that we pay for our automobility—they kill the equivalent of a dozen jumbo-jet crashes every day—plus the countless number of hours we waste in gridlock traffic commuting to work, running errands, picking up our kids, and searching for parking, and we can't help but ask: Haven't we had enough already?


  • Granted, Tyson's may be fixed over the next 30 years by extending the Washington Metro, but the street layouts, set up for maximum automobility, that define the urban space are problematic and limit possibilities.

    The End of Suburbia

  • UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It sort of represents our collective dreams of the freedom of the road, of automobility, of movement from the industrial heartland to the Pacific shores, to Hollywood.

    CNN Transcript Jul 21, 2001

  • It is crucial to consider the direction of the recent surge in automobility.



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