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  • noun In mathematics, the property of remaining unchanged by all the substitutions of any group of linear transformations.
  • noun Anthropomorphism; the conception of the lower animals by analogy with man.
  • noun The ascription of one's own characteristics to another, or the habit of judging others or explaining their acts by means of analogies furnished by the knowledge of one's self.

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  • noun Automorphic characterization.

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  • noun mathematics An isomorphism of a mathematical object or system of objects onto itself.


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auto- +‎ morphism


  • This has as its automorphism groups F_4 whose root space is a minimal tessellation in 4 dimensions and G_2.

    Einstein Still Rules, Says Fermi Telescope Team | Universe Today

  • Sym (V) is also a model of set theory with set of atoms A, and Ï induces an automorphism of Sym (V).

    The Axiom of Choice

  • But since Ï is an automorphism, it also preserves function application, so that Ï (f (U)) = Ïf (Ï (U)).

    The Axiom of Choice

  • If is a model of Z (Zermelo set theory) with an external automorphism σ and an ordinal κ such that κ σ (κ), then

    Quine's New Foundations

  • Inasmuch as a mirror reflection of the space is a transformation of the entire space into itself it is called an automorphism.


  • If such a group is given and held fast, then a figure in space is called symmetric if each automorphism of the group leaves it unchanged.


  • If the space is a so-called metric space, it is usually expected that the underlying automorphism shall at least be isometric, meaning that the transformations preserve the distance between any pair of points.


  • Obviously the homogeneity of a space is the more interesting if the underlying group of automorphism is more important.


  • In general, an automorphism of a space, any space, is an invertible transformation of the entire space into itself, and such a transformation is nothing other than a rearrangement of the totality of the points of the space from their given ordering into any other.


  • Moore determinant: A determinant defined over a finite field which has successive powers of the Frobenius automorphism applied to the first column.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]


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