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  • In an autonomic manner.

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  • adverb In an autonomic manner
  • adverb With reference to the autonomic nervous system


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  • That a person cannot concieve of a person being to depressed, despondant, autonomically ill, or just the disability time the whole two to three hours to get ready to get up and go, and then the waiting at the walk in clinic I now have as a GP and somehow getting home by myself for something which for the most part cannot be treated.


  • Lenny nodded, he stroked the mole on his cheek, he waggled his fingers and looked out over the massed heads humming autonomically in the low smoke.


  • REEVE: It's to the point where it hopefully will kick in autonomically and I will be able to breath on my own.

    CNN Transcript Oct 6, 2002

  • In contrast, Christianson and Mjörndal 1985 found no difference in memorial performance between a group autonomically aroused with adrenaline and a control group given saline injections.

    Handbook of Stress

  • Cannichael's limbs twitched autonomically and she watched, transfixed, until they were still.

    Blood Test

  • But soon the very physiology of her body, almost autonomically, became active, and I felt the gathering heat (pg. 262) and the oil and openness of her, her vitality, readiness and need.

    Renegades Of Gor

  • However, its principal feature is its ability to autonomically discover and federate other GaianDBs, federating nodes such that


  • As an application writes new data, free capacity within the array is configured and provisioned autonomically -- intelligently, automatically, and without consuming administrative resources.

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • It's not a frontal-lobe thing, it goes right to the basal ganglia, and you see one of these things and your body just autonomically reaches for the nearest club-like object and you start swinging your arm down again and again, like George Segal in.

    The Absorbascon

  • Babies of ganja smoking mothers were found to be more socially responsive and were more autonomically stable in comparison to babies of non-ganja smoking mothers.

    Cannabis Culture Magazine


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