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  • noun The principle of autonomy or the independence of municipalities or of communities each containing but a single municipality.
  • noun The theory that the forms into which animals and plants develop are determined by an inward agency.

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  • noun An Italian left-wing political and social movement from the 1960s


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  • For the core principle of secularism as an ideology is what I call autonomism: the proposition that man himself can and ought to define the basis of the state's legitimacy, without any necessary basis in or reference to a moral law higher than himself.

    Defining our enemies

  • It would seem his version of something he calls autonomism is just the same old stuff we have heard before the Parti Quebecois and others.

    Mario Dumont: a constitutional fantasyland

  • All of this is the fruit of what I call "autonomism": the idea that human freedom entails the freedom to decide what the most fundamental norms of life are to be, a freedom constrained only by obvious considerations of physical reality and social utility.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • Yet because of its default secularism, and its corresponding ideology of what I call "autonomism," the West today makes it almost impossible for most of us to keep focused on what at's stake in every choice we make.

    The Feast of the Counterculture

  • Key forces in the global justice movement shared a set of politics often called "autonomism" or "horizontalism," which explicitly opposed the formation of a defined radical or revolutionary organization.

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  • Now if autonomism could still be effectively reversed, Catholics would indeed be best placed to do the job.

    The issues behind the issues

  • Secularism is worthless as a political ideology because its autonomism reduces in turn to moral relativism, which can justify anything and therefore nothing.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • That is not just because the political sphere is the province of the laity, which of course is true; it is because the bishops confront, among the Catholic laity themselves, the same autonomism that has gained purchase in the culture at large.

    The issues behind the issues

  • That's as silly as their autonomism excuse that Quebec is now not part of the Constitution.

    Mario Dumont: a constitutional fantasyland

  • The other aspect of our dissipation is the fruit of autonomism.

    The Feast of the Counterculture


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