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  • n. A phagosome in which part of a cell's own cytoplasm is digested


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  • Mizushima N, Ueno T, Yamamoto A, Kirisako T, et al. (2000) LC3, a mammalian homologue of yeast Apg8p, is localized in autophagosome membranes after processing.

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  • The autophagosome fuses with the lytic lysosome to form autophagolysosomes that degrades engulfed molecules

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  • The parental macronucleus is engulfed by a large autophagosome, in which many mitochondria that have lost their membrane potential are incorporated.

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  • Induction of autophagy led to a visible decrease in levels of soluble EGFP-LC3 relative to autophagosome-bound protein, but had only modest effects on the nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio or diffusional mobility of the remaining soluble pools of EGFP-LC3.

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  • Although LC3 is currently thought to function primarily in the cytosol, the site of autophagosome formation, EGFP-LC3 often appears to be enriched in the nucleoplasm relative to the cytoplasm in published fluorescence images.

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  • Since bafilomycin A1 inhibits the degradation of autophagosomes, the levels of LC3-II in bafilomycin A1-treated cells reflect the rate of autophagosome formation

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  • Yoshimoto K, Ohsumi Y, Jeon JS, An G (2009) OsATG10b, an autophagosome component, is needed for cell survival against oxidative stresses in rice.

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  • In this study, we found that chemical PIs and small interfering RNA-mediated knockdown of the proteasome's enzymatic subunits promoted autophagosome formation, stimulated autophagic flux, and upregulated expression of the autophagy-specific genes (ATGs) (ATG5 and ATG7) in some human prostate cancer cells and immortalized mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs).

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  • Apoptosis blocks Beclin 1-dependent autophagosome synthesis: an effect rescued by Bcl-xL

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  • This process, called "programmed mitochondrial clearance," encases a worn out mitochondrion within an autophagosome containing enzymes that break down the mitochondrion.



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