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  • n. The rotation of the blades of a helicopter driven solely by the action of ascending air


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auto- +‎ rotation


  • Some skeptics have attacked the design of the plane because they feel it is too slow in descent, lacks maneuverability, kicks up too much dust and should have been delayed until designers mastered the idea of "autorotation" - which would keep the rotors spinning even if both engines are taken out.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • The investigation team was satisfied the helicopter was engaged in a training exercise involving a procedure known as autorotation to a low level when the crash occurred. Breaking News

  • Investigators are also probing the possibility that the chopper may have been practising autorotation, which is a training manoeuvre on how to land the aircraft safely in the event of engine failure. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • "autorotation" turns slowly, allowing for a controlled vertical descent.

    Slate Magazine

  • The U.S. armed forces lost thousands of helicopters during the Vietnam War, but Rivolo believed autorotation had saved many as well.

    The Dream Machine

  • That year, he and chief Osprey test pilot Tom Macdonald argued the autorotation issue raucously in front of the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Duncan Hunter, a California Republican with a son in the Marine Corps.

    The Dream Machine

  • And in autorotation, most autorotations end badly because the pilot, at the bottom, enters vortex ring state.

    The Dream Machine

  • The original Joint Services Operational Requirement for the JVX had said: “In the event that all engine power is lost while in flight, the aircraft must be capable of a power-off glide/autorotation to a survivable emergency landing.”

    The Dream Machine

  • Developmental test pilots had done some autorotation flight tests in the Osprey during that period, descending at high altitude with the engines idling and disconnected from the rotors.

    The Dream Machine

  • As for autorotation, the NASA panel acknowledged that for an Osprey flying in helicopter mode, “a full power-off landing may not be practical.”

    The Dream Machine


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