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  • adj. Of or pertaining to autosomes.

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  • adj. of or relating to an autosome


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  • In this case cancer susceptibility is inherited in autosomal dominant manner.

    Archive 2004-11-01

  • The diagnosis: A potentially fatal genetic disorder called autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease.

    The Toughest Test

  • For most people, the genome consists of one pair of sex chromosomes (XX in women and XY in men) and twenty-two pairs of chromosomes called autosomal, plus mitochondrial DNA, which is something of a separate story.

    'Blood Matters'

  • If a condition is autosomal dominant, a person who carries one copy of the gene containing a mutation will usually manifest some signs of that condition.

    Genetics and Alagille Syndrome

  • Alagille syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder, which means someone who carries the Jagged1 gene mutation has a 50 percent chance of passing on that mutation to their child.

    What Causes Alagille Syndrome?

  • The disorders that mutations in these types of genes cause are called autosomal recessive.

    Genetics and Alagille Syndrome

  • The mutated gene "dominates" over the normally functioning gene, so it is called autosomal dominant.

    Genetics and Alagille Syndrome

  • When a person is carrying a mutation in an autosomal dominant gene, each egg or sperm cell has a 50 percent chance of containing the nonfunctioning gene copy and a 50 percent chance of containing the normal copy of the gene.

    Genetics and Alagille Syndrome

  • This means that in each pregnancy, the fetus has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the autosomal dominant disorder.

    Genetics and Alagille Syndrome

  • It can test for shared strands of autosomal DNA – meaning any line of ancestry, not just pure matrilineal or patrilineal lines.

    Lecture in Dublin on Tracing Your Irish Ancestors via DNA « Cork Genealogist


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