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  • noun the novel, experimental approach of the avant-garde


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avant-garde +‎ -ism, or French avant-gardisme


  • The most truly and indigenously American thing about abstract expressionism was perhaps the critical rhetoric that celebrated it — the little-magazine polemics, chiefly by Rosenberg and Greenberg, that made matters of taste into moral and political crucibles, reduced aesthetic judgments to formalist tests of a triumphalist teleology, and presented the belated American embrace of European avant-gardism as a world-historical event.

    Splatter-Day Saints

  • "There's a tongue-in-cheek quality to the design, in that Mame appreciates avant-gardism from a connoiseurial standpoint while also recognizing its ridiculousness, in the form of the kinetic seating," says Mr. Adler.

    Silver-Screen Décor

  • We are told, for instance, that they are ideal sites for serial killers to lay undetected, whose barns and silos breed not a predilection for artistic avant-gardism but rather criminally deviant behaviors and the darkest of souls.

    Test Plots

  • But Bohemia has always been a place where the avant-gardism and egalité of the arts has made out with the social disinhibition and liberté of the aristocracy, often by way of providing social and stylistic cover for overt homosexuality.

    Save The Hipster!

  • How did Mr. Kline get from downtown avant-gardism to the straightforwardly melodic, practically medieval harmonies of Revelator?

    Eine Kline Nachtmusik

  • [By avant-gardism] I'm referring to pop art, minimalism and conceptual art.

    Thoroughly Modern, Really

  • Writing poetry, he began find a space between the provincialism of much of Slovene literature at the time and the avant-gardism of poet Srečko Kosovel.

    Edvard Kocbek

  • If, on the other hand, you are not automatically sent either into ecstasy or catalepsy by the mere mention of avant-gardism, if your eye is already sufficiently open so that you don't fiercely resent an artist who tries to open it somewhat wider, I very much hope that you will see these films.

    Ecstasy, Catalepsy, and Metafiction

  • Just as Rivera turned to literal painting after his experiments in avant-gardism, surrealism and cubism, artists in Mexico City seem to be favoring representational art nowadays.

    Diego, Frida And The Mexican School

  • Finding on the Left the burgeoning critical and social approaches to art history, and on the Right the (Norman) Rockwellian-Orwellian manipulation of both avant-garde and pompier, they retreat into the exhausted category of avant-gardism for its own sake.

    'The Unhappy Medium': An Exchange


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