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  • noun Plural form of avowal.


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  • 'Like herself! nobly! when once it was decided, and she saw that though, upon certain avowals, the law might revoke my plighted faith, it could not abrogate the scruples of my conscience.

    Camilla: or, A Picture of Youth

  • Our tendency is to believe the bride and groom's public avowals of love even when our private thoughts about the couples' happy prospects might be more, ahem, cynical.

    Kate Chynoweth: Why We Love Fairy Tales (Even Failed Ones)

  • WASHINGTON -- As Rep. Michele Bachmann's R-Minn presidential candidacy grows more serious, and as her position in the Iowa polls continues to strengthen, she will, undoubtedly, be asked about some of the more provocative avowals she's made in her past.

    Chris Wallace Asks Michele Bachmann: 'Are You A Flake?'

  • Lately Cuccinelli has been dropping public hints that -- contrary to his earlier avowals -- he may in fact challenge Bolling for the party's gubernatorial nomination in 2013.

    Bob McDonnell, grownup in the room

  • The freedom to spend currency abroad and the rise of the Chinese middle class have, despite government avowals to the contrary, increased trade on protected and threatened species worldwide.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: Saving a Living Treasure of Asia

  • Yet these early avowals of glass-half-fullism notwithstanding, it's hard not to hear the mournful sounds of a pipe organ on nearly every page.

    A Gulf Requiem

  • We are expected to believe that Iran is a greater threat than North Korea's repeated avowals to use its weaponry to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire."

    Jack Healey: Can Human Rights Be Saved?

  • The refusal signals the government plans to tightly manage the elections, critics said, despite avowals from President Dmitry Medvedev that he would like to see some opening up of Russia's political life.

    Russia Bars Opposition Party From Elections

  • Such has been the case at other Muddy Waters targets to emerge from special investigations, such as Orient Paper down more than 50% despite repeated avowals that it's on the level.

    Falling Out of Love With China

  • "Anybody who insists on implementing [searches] will regret them very harshly," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said June 28, echoing avowals by other senior Iranian officials that inspections would not go unanswered.

    In responding to West, Iran stresses its naval abilities in Persian Gulf


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