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  • Oh well; very well; well then.

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  • interjection Scotland Well; well then.


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  • “Aweel, aweel, I wish it may be sae,” said Meiklewham.

    Saint Ronan's Well

  • “Aweel, aweel, neighbour,” said Laurence, when the mess was taken away, “if ye have done ony thing to bring yoursell to the withy, or the scourging post, it is your ain wilful deed.”

    The Fortunes of Nigel

  • "Aweel! aweel!" the man said, in his slow northern fashion.

    Little Folks (Septemeber 1884) A Magazine for the Young

  • ‘Aweel, aweel, that’s sune settled; we’ll no excise you neither, though we live sae near the Custom-house.

    Chapter XLIV

  • ‘Weel, aweel, sirs, ’ said Jabos, whose hard-headed and uncultivated shrewdness seemed sometimes to start the game when others beat the bush—‘weel, weel, ye may be a’ mista’en yet—I’ll never believe that a man would lay a plan to shoot another wi’ his ain gun.

    Chapter XXXII

  • ‘Aweel, aweel, Ellangowan, ’ said the lady, raising her voice as the Laird left the room, ‘I wish ye may understand them yoursell, that’s á!

    Chapter IX

  • —‘Aweel, aweel, there ’s nae help for ’t, but come up the morn at ony rate.

    Chapter XXII

  • At length, after a draught of home-brewed ale, he began by observing, ‘Aweel, aweel, that hen, ’ looking upon the lamentable relics of what had been once a large fowl, ‘wasna a bad ane to be bred at a town end, though it’s no like our barndoor chuckies at Charlies-hope—and I am glad to see that this vexing job hasna taen awa your appetite, Captain.

    Chapter XLV

  • ‘Aweel, aweel, Jock, ’ answered Mr. Skreigh, with a tone of mild solemnity, ‘our accounts differ in no material particulars; but I had no knowledge that ye had seen the man.

    Chapter XI

  • ‘Aweel, aweel, ’ she said, when she had concluded her examination, ‘since it’s e’en sae, I gie him up, the villain—But oh, we are erring mortals!

    Chapter XXXII


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