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  • adj. Filled with awe.


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  • "From the grass roots down," he muttered in an awestricken voice, as he swung his pick into the yielding surface.

    Chapter XXVII

  • Apparently, Davy Goldblatt takes my silence as that of the awestricken variety, because he jumps up and claps his hands together, absolutely pleased not only—but mostly—with himself but also with how the entire three-minute meeting has gone.

    Hollywood Savage

  • Chain car collisions on the Interstate, hysteria-tinged second by second updates from the weatherman on the local TV stations, a stunned, awestricken look from the locals that almost made one think that this was surely the first time they had ever seen this precipitation thing occurring.

    Election Central Sunday Roundup

  • Nobody will notice your zit because they will be too awestricken with your fabulousness.


  • She gave much time to them and thought; visited from house to house, without ostentation; was awestricken by that spectacle of the poverty which we have with us always, of which the sight rebukes our selfish griefs into silence, the thought compels us to charity, humility, and devotion.

    The Newcomes

  • And in the midst of this discussion, making a sudden and awestricken silence, appeared

    The Wheels of Chance: a bicycling idyll

  • “Gaw!” he whispered at last, in awestricken tones.

    The War in the Air

  • Theo turned away from the window with a sad, almost awestricken face.

    The Virginians

  • His heart was humbled by the prospect of his happiness: it stood awestricken in the contemplation of her sweet goodness and purity.

    The History of Pendennis

  • They were puzzled and awestricken by the Egyptian monuments, of which the forms, as Plato says, not in a figure, but literally, were ten thousand years old

    The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett


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