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  • adjective dated Riding a bicycle.
  • adjective travelling by a wheeled vehicle; mobile
  • adjective circling, moving in the shape of a wheel

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  • adjective traveling by wheeled vehicle such as bicycle or automobile e.g.


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a- +‎ wheel


  • Originally we were supposed to conduct the interview on bikes (or "awheel" as the British say) but it ended up snowing and I was afraid that, in the event of a fall, Mr. Thurston (coddled, as are all of his countrymen, by free medical care) would find himself hopelessly embroiled in our country's labyrinthine health care system.

    Keeping it Reeled In: Hope or Delusion?

  • The truth is, I'm beginning to suspect that there may indeed be a "cycling conspiracy" afoot or awheel, though it doesn't involve the UN.

    Conspiracy Theory: "Soylent Green is Douches!"

  • As you may be aware, there is a genteel, non-competitive cycling conspiracy (GNCCC) afoot (or awheel) in New York City, and to a certain extent Robert Sullivan is its literary voice, giving it ready access to media outlets such as the Times.

    Power Struggle: Sucking, and Sucking it Up

  • Yesterday while awheel on the Ironic Orange Julius Bike, I stopped for a red light at a busy downtown Manhattan intersection.

    Laissez-Fairing: Rules vs. Aerodynamics

  • Meanwhile, as if this weren't disturbing enough, a number of readers have informed me that in Philadelphia a political movement is awheel that would require cyclists to register their bicycles and obtain license plates for them.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • That kind of reflexive comment displays a failure of imagination almost as bad as the failure to conceive of awheel.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Christopher Columbus — Hero or Villain?

  • Its light glimmered on the river and on the wings of carrion fowl awheel overhead.

    Time Patrolman

  • They also rode bicycles, looking most incongruous awheel, the long, spade shaped train to their skirts tucked out of the way, their wide _camisa_ sleeves standing out like stiff sails on either side, their demure and modest little kerchiefs swelling with the quick throbbing of their adventurous hearts.

    A Woman's Journey through the Philippines On a Cable Ship that Linked Together the Strange Lands Seen En Route

  • We had come to Calais for the purpose of crossing the Channel for a little tour awheel amid the natural beauties and historic shrines of

    The Automobilist Abroad

  • Then someone invents the safety bicycle, and in a trice all America, man, woman and child, is awheel.

    A Librarian's Open Shelf


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