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  • noun Alternative form of axe murderer.


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  • As for the axe-murderer problem, I think it's less of a liability and insurance issue if it's freeware tapping into a publicly hosted database, rather than a single company owning and running the system.

    Boing Boing

  • The way they get past the axe-murderer problem is by having participants sign up via their employers or schools.

    Boing Boing

  • May they share a prison cell with a seven foot tall transvestite axe-murderer who dresses up as Amy Winehouse!

    More anti-Seimitic attacks in London

  • Reading the story of Sodom as being about homosexuality is like reading the story of an axe-murderer and saying it's about an axe.

    Jay Michaelson: Who Are The Real Sodomites?

  • I'd also love to kill off Peter and Jane with an axe-murderer or two ...

    Mashing up children's books with monsters

  • Another when the six-year-old Edgar seizes an axe as if his creativity is being released along with his inner axe-murderer.


  • I could do other things, like "do good", or read, or watch TV, or listen to the radio etc, or have a social life, or be a roving axe-murderer, but I don't do much of any of that.

    Pinning one's hamster to the mast

  • The only trouble is that you look like an axe-murderer after you make it, as I found out a couple of years ago when I made it for the first time.

    Respect for vegetables or You can't beat a beet

  • "If I had continued to make box office hits, then I could have been an axe-murderer or a child-molester and there would still have been a place for me in Hollywood," he told the Times of London in 1982.

    Blake Edwards, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' director, dead at 88

  • The guy who plays the axe-murderer villain might be vegetarian who sidesteps to avoid crushing an ant; the one who plays the noble hero might be a wife-beater and dope fiend.

    Archive 2010-05-01


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