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  • noun Alternative spelling of axe head.


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ax +‎ head


  • Similar axhead caches have been excavated at Cahokia and other large mound centers.

    Cold Hard Cache

  • She tumbled end over end down the slope, certain that the Klingon would bury his axhead in her back at any moment.


  • With a rhythm born of long practice, Jamie jerked the axhead free, swung it back and brought it down in a tchunk! of splintered bark and yellow wood chips.

    Drums of Autumn

  • Just as a twinge in wrist or elbow would have warned him instantly of damage, some faint vibration, some subtle shift in weight arrested him in midswing, so that the loosened axhead flew harmlessly across the clearing, rather than slamming into his vulnerable foot.

    Drums of Autumn

  • The dry wood split and spread, but held by the iron enclosure of the axhead, could not splinter.

    Drums of Autumn

  • A skull mounted on the rack for emphasis had an axhead still embedded in it.

    The Dragons of Chaos

  • A company clerk was also supposed to pack an ax with him, but since Iceland was almost entirely devoid of trees, his was still in the company headquarters, probably burned down to a charred axhead by now.

    Red Storm Rising

  • "But if he does, Dirrach, you have an iron axhead to hone," Boerab grinned.

    The Magic May Return

  • He had hoped to cast an axhead, his first, this evening, but maybe it was better to do the job by daylight.

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame

  • The miracle of the floating axhead is one of those 28 miracles.

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