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  • n. A lubricant of fatty character, used to diminish the friction of an axle, as of a vehicle, in its bearing. It is generally a mixture of semisolid oils with soap and resin.


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  • The hotel had two elevators whose cabins moved soundlessly through shafts of soot and axle-grease.

    Jan Herman: Say Hello to Carl Weissner

  • Limping back, she smelled again that peppery, axle-grease odor mixed in with the tang of the sawdust resin.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • Unless you drop off just before the terminus, which hurts, the same objection arises as in the under-the-seat method; and in any case you are practically certain to be spotted not only by the officials of the railway company concerned but with axle-grease.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, 1920-07-28

  • He was all alone as far as human beings went, for Jehosophat was putting axle-grease on his little red cart, and Hepzebiah was playing with

    Half-Past Seven Stories

  • It used to be that on a Saturday evening the Young Gent would draw down his six dollars worth of salary and chase himself to the barber shop, where the Bolivian lawn trimmer would put a crimp in his mustache and plaster his forehead with three cents worth of hair and a dollar's worth of axle-grease.

    You Should Worry Says John Henry

  • Swearing at his horses, wheels squealing for axle-grease, tin pans rattling and flashing in the hot morning sun, a settler with a family stopped one day to ask questions of the two young men.

    Deep Furrows

  • Just at present you are making your hair foul with some sort of perfumed axle-grease; nine tenths of you part it in the middle.

    The Plastic Age

  • The station was surrounded with soap-less old women, boys, and even men offering for sale all sizes of the little wooden boxes of the chief local product, in appearance like axle-grease, but delicious far beyond its looks, and with vendors of everything imaginable, to say nothing of a ragged, dirty multitude of all ages with no business there -- nor anywhere else.

    Tramping Through Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras — Being the Random Notes of an Incurable Vagabond

  • He cut a big wooden boot out of the side of an empty box, painted it black with axle-grease and soot, hung it up over the door, and announced himself as ready to do all the cobbling and harness-repairing he could get ... and a fine workman he showed himself to be.

    Hillsboro People

  • While she was down, I made Green and Dab rub her heavily with axle-grease.

    A Woman Rice Planter


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