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  • noun Plural form of axon.


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  • You might recall axons and dendrites from high school biology class.

    Garry Kasparov On 'Chess Metaphors': The Chess Master And The Computer

  • Much remains unknown about MS, but it is thought to be an autoimmune disease that occurs when the body attacks myelin, the protective insulation surrounding nerve fibers called axons in the central nervous system.

    Drug Seeks to Fix MS Damage

  • Be it touch, taste or smell, sound or sight, the data related to these sensations or thoughts are encoded as pulses of electricity, voltage peaks, that travel as waves within cleverly insulated extensions of the nerves, known as axons.


  • Once severed, these connections formed by cellular structures called axons, tend not to regrow-at least not in the spine.

    Ars Technica

  • Neurons send their signals along extensions called axons, and in SSRI-exposed rats, those axons were deformed.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • When Kessler and Bissonnette implanted the newly grown nerve cells into the brains of mice, they functioned normally, producing nerve fibers called axons and making the brain chemical acetylcholine, used to retrieve memories from other parts of the brain.

  • Neurons consist of a large cell body and elongated extensions called axons used for sending impulses, and usually dendrites for receiving impulses.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • It's long been known that growing nerve fibres, also known as axons, must make connections in the brain for it to function properly. - latest science and technology news stories

  • First they must spin out a web of wirelike fibers known as axons (which transmit signals) and dendrites (which receive them). Top Stories

  • Nature, reveal that semaphorin, a protein found in the developing nervous system that guides filament-like processes, called axons, from nerve cells to their appropriate targets during embryonic life, apparently assumes an entirely different role later on, once axons reach their targets.



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