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  • noun Plural form of ayah.


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  • One of the Hindu women was one of the "ayahs," who took care of the smallest children; the rest of the motley assortment were servants and even teachers.

    The Wizard Of London

  • It's not just the housewives and software engineers who find their talents a poor match when pitted against the ways of ayahs and drivers of India.

    Returning to India? An MBA May Not be Enough

  • When she first came to Harvard at the age of 16, Benazir, who had never had to lift a finger on her own behalf before, was like a princess from the Raj, raised by ayahs, nursemaids, and butlers.

    Amy Wilentz: Benazir Bhutto: A Killing and Three Funerals

  • Again, the four ayahs I mentioned order us to love him because, … Mighty i.e., burdensome to him is whatever distresses you.

    when was the last time denmark got this much attention?

  • The ayahs were busy calming them, and no one paid any attention as Nan and Sarah, with Neville and Grey clutching their shoulders, slipped out and downstairs.

    The Wizard Of London

  • Now Nan, who was still in charge of helping the ayahs with the littlest children, was at a distinct disadvantage on two counts.

    The Wizard Of London

  • But bullying was not allowed, and teasing was met with remonstrations from every adult in authority, from the two Indian ayahs who cared for the babies to Memsa'b herself, so that it was kept to a minimum.

    The Wizard Of London

  • "Memsa'b, the lightning frighted the babies half to death an 'they won't stop cryin' and the ayahs tol 'me to come get you."

    The Wizard Of London

  • The next lesson was History, and after that, she helped the ayahs get the little ones down for a nap.

    The Wizard Of London

  • Children who had been allowed by their indulgent ayahs to run the nursery like miniature rajahs were suddenly subjected to the extreme discipline of tyrannical schoolmasters and the bullying of their elders.

    The Wizard Of London


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