from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A style of urban dance that combines energetic footwork with tumbling and spins, usually performed to funk music.


Probably from b(reak)-boy, one who dances in this style.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • You know, break dancing was hugely - b-boying, as it's sort of more accurately called by the culture, it was very popular at the time so I was really, really into it.

    Timberlake On 'N Sync, Acting And Bringing Sexy Back

  • I just closed my door and got to work on that 64-track sampler, approaching it like I had with b-boying and MCing: a skill to be crafted come what may it would take a good two years of repetitive practice before I felt anywhere near capable.

    Fallin’ Up

  • In my eyes, graffiti was one of the four elements of the hip-hop culture: graffiti, DJing, MCing and b-boying.

    Fallin’ Up

  • Everyone spoke about that first movie of his, and suddenly b-boying was the new craze.

    Fallin’ Up

  • The “b” in b-boying stands for “break,” because when hip-hop first started, these dancers used to dance during the breaks in the song as the DJs worked the turntables.

    Fallin’ Up

  • It was like people were afraid to dance, but we wanted to be about high-octane energy and partying, incorporating anything from b-boying to free-styling and then, from me, kung-fu inspired moves.

    Fallin’ Up

  • And there I am, being watched by this pioneer of b-boying, who inspired me to dream big.

    Fallin’ Up

  • The challenge it posed was like my early days of b-boying.

    Fallin’ Up

  • His style is b-boying, which is similar to hip hop but not exactly the same, and I thought he actually outshone Comfort.

    Tonya Plank: So You Think You Can Dance's New Format is a Huge Improvement

  • I don't know much about b-boying but he seems very original to me.

    Tonya Plank: So You Think You Can Dance Week 7: Can it Be, a Week Without Injuries?


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