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  • adverb before the Christian era; used following dates before the supposed year Christ was born


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  • Our ancestors in China hit on the same notion around the year 1000 b.c.

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  • The entire fourth floor had been gutted and remodeled into an extensive library that housed more than sixteen thousand volumes, including original manuscripts rescued from the Royal Library of Alexandria after Julius Caesar accidentally torched it in 48 b.c.

    The Curse of the Wendigo

  • I recommend the extension of a file called a.b.c be considered b.c rather than just c but there are various pros and cons to each option.

    Snell-Pym » A design for a Scheme web application framework

  • But in philosophy, he was closer to his contemporary Siddhartha Gautama Buddha c. 560–480 b.c.

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  • Ptolemy XII bequeathed his kingdom jointly to his son and daughter, who inherited it upon his death in 51 b.c.

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  • It began in Mesopotamia, the region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, during the fourth millennium b.c.

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  • The Macedonians, a Greek people living in the north of mainland Greece, began the conquest and unification of Hellenic lands under Philip II of Macedonia in 352 b.c.

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  • His teachings survived in some form until about 300 b.c.

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  • Picture a windswept, desolate desert, the date, 2580 b.c.

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  • By analogy one can in Python traverse through nested dictionaries (d [ 'a'] [ 'b'] [ 'c']), or attributes (d. a.b.c).

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