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  • The currency was "babbit" - metal coins stamped with a J, which could only be used in the company store. Stories

  • Dey be da firstest domes…demes… pet maded rabbit, an it furst commed frum Turkey how a babbit comed frum a turkey an luked lyke dis, do not no Dey haz deir own reward show an evrytingz.

    Easter Bunneh - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Lancaster has more physical reality in this role than any other actor could portray - when he pours the babbit in the huge con-rod, files it, and then manhandles it back on to the engine, is pure Industrial Age poetry.

    Seminal Image #691

  • I bought the soundtrack tonight and am as happy as a runny babbit.

    Summer, Fall, Winter « Lab Kat

  • He has a good post on the latest banana oil pitch from that diseased babbit from Texas, Tom Delay. update: so does tbogg


  • It is a hollow cast plug screwed into the crown sheet or top of fire box, and having the hollow or center filled with lead or babbit.

    Rough and Tumble Engineering

  • CR4 allows you to "subscribe" to a discussion Oil flow rate for a babbit guide bearing

    CR4 - Recent Forum Threads and Blog Entries

  • Due to this the bearing and the rotor journal will seize and both will be spoilt. to avoid this a soft metal (usually babbit) having a low coeff of friction with steel as well as much softer than steel, and having also good thermal, mechanical and fatigue properties lining is used that wears out while you stop the machine, saving the costly shaft at the cost of the easily replaceable bearing.


  • The volume numbers for each one were labeled inside a babbit shape.

    Mania News Feed

  • i read sinclair lewis's 'babbit' for the first time. hilarious ... he could be talking about the suburban republicans of today, with very few changes. the same lovingly-fractured domestic scenes, prudish put-ons, frustrations, ill-gotten gains and strange bedfellows. every time i hear chomsky talking on the radio, he wonders why people express outrage at the current adventures in imperialism -- since it's not particularly different than what we've been doing for a long time.

    Richard Belzer: The Death of Conservatism, Part 3


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