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  • noun obsolete The dale of a stream or rivulet.


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Possibly a dialectal form of *becck, betch, answering to Old English *becc ("stream"), from Proto-Germanic *bakjaz (“brook”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰog- (“flowing water, stream”). Cognate with Old Norse bekkr ("brook"). More at beck.


  • Para el resto de los competidores de Andaluca el discurso es prcticamente el mismo que entre nuestros empresarios: intentar pasar lo mejor que se pueda este bache econmico y trabajar criminal la esperanza puesta en que the lo largo del prximo ao la situacin empiece the remontar.

    La WTM muestra la transformacin del turismo marcada por la crisis ...

  • The Luxury Liner, meanwhile, is decorated in clean, space-ship bache lor pad hues of gray plush and black leather.

    Dueling, Mobile Laps Of Luxury

  • Of what I have my favorite bar is a 10 once bache, kinda rare and a participant in the Hunt brothers fiasco, the more modern extruded bars like those at nwt mint and the Canadian Royal mint are so much nicer than the old rough bars.

    No, we have no Silver Today!

  • The events in question occurred in the early days of my association with Holmes, when we were sharing rooms as bache - lors in Baker Street.

    Sole Music

  • The luggage, carried on the top, was covered by a great leather covering, buckled down all over it, called a bache.

    A Childhood in Brittany Eighty Years Ago

  • The fine pirijao palm, with its fruit like peaches, and a new species of bache, or mauritia, its trunk bristled with thorns, rise amid smaller trees, the vegetation of which appears to be retarded by the continuance of the inundations.

    Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America

  • It'll carry ye safe to the shore; an 'if I'm washed afther ye, bury me on the bache.

    The Boy Slaves

  • The trail, for four or five days, led over a number of timberless water courses, known as "the coon creeks," which subjected us to great inconvenience in the item of fuel, as neither tree nor stick could be procured for cooking purposes, and bois de bache, the substitute of buffalo countries had become so thoroughly saturated with water it was almost impossible to ignite it.


  • The practice of 'bache bazi' or boy play, is known throughout Afghanistan, but is particularly renowned in the city of Kandahar next to Helmand, where prepubescent boys are widely admired. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Drag to Playlist tehran iran dance 1 break dancing in tehran in 1369-1370. in this video shahram kharchang, reza bache, mehdi tony, ahmad lore they were the most popular and famouse for their group and their dance - Articles related to Iran begins mass-producing missile-launching assault boats


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