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  • n. A distilled liquor used by the natives of the Batanes.


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  • The biwa is played with a kind of plectrum, called bachi, usually made of horn.

    Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things

  • Every now and then we hear people say, edesher kichu hobena (this country has no future) or edesh chere palate parle bachi (I will be relieved if I can leave this country).

    The Two Religions of Bangladesh

  • In this connection we naturally think of the "Chozu-bachi" which may be found before every

    Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic

  • Selim immediately, sent to Janina a "kapidgi-bachi," or plenipotentiary, to examine into the case and try the delinquent.

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • During a hunting party he encountered a kapidgi-bachi, or messenger from the sultan, who asked him where he could find the Nazir, to whom he was charged with an important communication.

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • Meanwhile, Pacho Bey, bent on silently undermining Ali's influence; had established himself as an intermediary for all those who came to demand justice on account of the pacha's exactions, and he contrived that both his own complaints and those of his clients, should penetrate to the ears of the sultan; who, pitying his misfortunes, made him a kapidgi-bachi, as

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • The kapidgi-bachi made a sign of comprehension, and directed his course towards Drama; while Ismail, fearing that the Nazir, who had only known him a short time, would sacrifice him with the usual Turkish indifference, fled in the opposite direction.

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • A report of what had occurred was immediately drawn up, and, to assist matters still further, Ali sent the kapidgi-bachi a gift of fifty purses, which he accepted without difficulty, and also secured the favour of the

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • The kapidgi-bachi who dared to present him with the bowstring was instantly laid dead at his feet by a pistol-shot.

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • This accursed kapidgi-bachi has come hither bringing certain papers signed with my seal, intending to use them to my discredit, and thus to extort money from me.

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)


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