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  • She thought of the trees she had planted at Coole, she often dreamed of going back there to study the slow progress of things as the winter gave way to spring, or autumn came.

    The Empty Family

  • Old Norinaga knew his business, back there in his darkened hovel in 1550 or whatever, working in the light of the bright fire, as in an anteroom of hell, folding and refolding as his crew of young hammerers laid their strength and will into the glowing chunk of steel and iron.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • I had shown her respect; during the sack I had looked after her priestesses as if they were my sisters, and kept her treasure sacred; but she had been at Sounion a good while, and to make sure of her we still had her lashed to her column with ropes of bull-hide, in case it came into her head to fly back there and leave us.

    The Bull From The Sea

  • “The truth is you were standing back there so you could watch me racing around there like a mad hen with two-ton Tony on her hip.”

    Western Man

  • When I went to my desk to find it, I could hear Claudia back there with Mr. Litman, and she really was boo-hooing.

    Finding Dignity

  • For a moment, the chief-inspector had thought of going back there himself, and taking Jaquette, whom he wanted to question at leisure.

    Maigret in Society

  • Fort Warren, where he had passed an enforced sojourn owing to his strong Southern proclivities, and his good wife was much concerned lest our hobnobbing with her illustrious husband would not send him back there as soon as we should leave.

    Recollections and reflections : an auto of half a century and more,

  • “It sounds like my old man crabbing when I finally talked him into going with automatic pin setters instead of having a couple guys back there putting it up by hand.”

    The Hollow

  • I went back there this evening, Chilly IS UNWILLING, and Duquesnel, better informed than this morning, regards the step as useless and harmful.

    The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters

  • "You know the best part about that scene back there with Wulfmeier?"

    Futures Imperfect


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