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  • n. A reverse current; in a furnace, a draft of air or gas going in a direction contrary to the normal direction and often causing a burst of flame out into the fire-room or through the firing-door or ash-pit.


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  • The acrid smoke drawn from the stove by the back-draft, filled the room, -- a choking cloud.

    The Secret of the Storm Country

  • Indications are that a flashover or back-draft occurred, resulting in 18 fatalities on the second floor and third floor.

    LAFD News & Information

  • Shouts from the firefighter bashing in the door to "hit the floor," along with the eerie calm that precedes a back-draft were wasted on this unfortunate man, who was hired and promoted beyond his abilities. Blog Articles

  • The 27-year-old, posthumously awarded the George Cross for helping his fellow troops escape with their lives before succumbing to his wounds, died when a mine was set off by the back-draft of the RAF Chinook sent to winch the soldiers out.

    The Latest From

  • My new apartment is shaping up quite nicely – a clothes line has been hung, water nozzle rigged so I have a proper standup shower, a tool devised to help match-light my gas hot water heater without the back-draft inferno which scared me so much I was taking cold showers for the past month, a thin runner in the hall way keeps the dirt and dust at bay that we track in from renovations still going on upstairs, large three liter glass jugs hold cereal, rice, trail mix, etc … kitchen utensils line up along hooks in my walls, a map of the world hangs in the living room, some books are aligned along the floor nestled between two Coke bottles filled with water for bookends – it is slowly becoming a cozy and livable little Peace Corps apartment.

    My New Digs

  • "There's a back-draft and the powder gas is poisonous.

    Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel, or, the Hidden City of the Andes


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