backbreakingly love


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  • adv. In a backbreaking manner.


backbreaking +‎ -ly (Wiktionary)


  • Ariana suddenly felt exhausted and backbreakingly sad.

    Beautiful Disaster

  • Moviemaking was colossally complex, backbreakingly difficult, obscenely expensive — and it almost always failed.

    Toiling in the Dream Factory

  • We have a HEAVY pine kingsize bed that pretty much fills the room, a backbreakingly heavy mattress and a three-door wardrobe that is just not going to be funny to move even an inch.

    sheepdip Diary Entry

  • Being a wine merchant, I often thought, was not a gentle artistic occupation, but thoroughly backbreakingly physical.


  • All he knew was that everyone wanted it, wanted it badly, and that he was having a hard time keeping it…The sense of personal safety it gave him, the awareness that here at last was one object which he could actually depend on, the almost positive knowledge that it would one day actually save him, all of these comforted him as he lay rolled up in his two blankets and one shelterhalf with the rocky ground jabbing him in the flanks or as he toiled backbreakingly all day long at the never-ending job of putting up barbed wire.

    Ecstatic Days » 2009 » June

  • Editor’s Choice: Moviemaking in Hollywood’s classical period was colossally complex, backbreakingly difficult, obscenely expensive — and it almost always failed.

    The Reel Thing

  • One CERL veteran later wrote about the "large, dull brown cubes about 18 inches on a side, and backbreakingly heavy.

    Ray Ozzie Wants to Push Microsoft Back Into Startup Mode

  • Don’t make energy backbreakingly expensive, but do insist that by law, appliances, cars, light bulbs, etc. must be very low consumption.

    Clinton’s First N.C. Response - The Caucus Blog -

  • They can’t be farmed like mussels or oysters, and by law can only be backbreakingly harvested for commercial sale with hand held rakes.

    You gonna eat that? Random musings on food and life in Orange County, California » 2005 » August


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