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  • noun Cargo or freight that is transported on the return trip of a journey.
  • noun The transmission of video or audio signals in an unedited format directly to a network or studio, usually by satellite.
  • noun The material so transmitted.
  • noun The part of a telecommunications network that connects the main body of the network with smaller subnetworks.
  • transitive verb To transmit (traffic on a telecommunications network) from the main network to smaller subnetworks.

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  • verb To transmit (data or footage) from a remote site to a central site from where it is re-transmitted.
  • noun transport A return trip after delivery of cargo.
  • noun travel travel to a destination via a further point than the destination. (higher intermediate point)


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

back +‎ haul


  • Slattery said instead of building fibre-to-the-home in cities, where residents already had access to two cable networks and ADSL2+ infrastructure, the NBN project should focus on what he called the backhaul and distribution networks to locations such as schools and hospitals.

    ZDNet Australia

  • What they are looking for with backhaul is still fairly minimal with 50 Mbps circuits.

    For Cablevision Division, Business Services Mean Big Money

  • The first has been alternate access companies that are building businesses and networks around shared tenant or multi-carrier backhaul from the site.

    The GigaOM Interview: Cole Brodman, CTO, T-Mobile USA

  • Also, keep in mind that backhaul is already often a shared facility.

    Reminder: You Can’t Stockpile Broadband

  • And if the backhaul is spaced on every 3-4 nodes you get 20 Mbps mobile U/D trough the grid.

    Our Readers Take on the LTE v. WiMAX Debate

  • Niether of these make up the several orders of magnitude we are short in backhaul bandwidth to provide unlimited flaterate customer bandwidth to support P2P as a universal solution.

    Austin Bandwidth Hog Claims Time Warner Cut Him Off

  • Even if the connection is between two users on your network (not a user and another who is on the Internet) you still need the backhaul from the Tower to get on your network (think of it as going down your driveway to get to the street).

    Variable Pricing Coming to Mobile Broadband?

  • The use of a residential femtocell, effectively a private base station, is currently restricted to people within a home, partly because it uses the home broadband connection for the "backhaul" - the land link to the operator.

    iTnews Australia

  • As our readers are quick to point out, backhaul is the elephant in the room when we talk about fast wireless data, because no matter how much capacity and speed can be theoretically delivered over the air, there’s still the matter of connecting a cell site back to the Internet.

    Verizon Rents Out Its Fiber for LTE Backhaul

  • Special access helps to ferry wireless data around the country by utilizing the crucial landline connection, often referred to as backhaul, run by the incumbent phone companies, including AT&T and Verizon Communications Inc., which along with Vodafone Group PLC owns Verizon Wireless.

    Leap Wireless Joins Opposition to T-Mobile Takeover


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