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  • n. A recording technique in which a sound or message is deliberately recorded backwards in a track that is meant to be played forwards.


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back +‎ masking


  • April 4th, 2007 at 9: 31 pm its not an actual sumbliminal message as in a line or speech thats played in reverse as u guys that are saying "just sounds like jibberish" … its called backmasking … someone recording them talking or singing or rapping, and then adding it to the song backwards in a lower volume so its not heard wen played forwards … i should kno … ive done it a couple times in my music to jus to see wat it sounded like … and now for my opinion on the video … its totally fake … DJ Dangermouse chopped n screwed it from a couple of different verses from Jay-Z's songs … he even openly admitted it that Jay-Z had nothing to do with the backmasking of that time …

  • Hey, I hope most of you do realize that many of the so called backmasking is really what is called a phonetical reversal.

  • But beyond unforgettable songs and legendary live shows, Led Zeppelin broadcast a powerful message to fans who were tuned in to their music at a particular frequency -- one far more subversive than the Satanic messages the band was accused of "backmasking" into "Stairway to Heaven": Bring the soul of the West and Islam together, it told us, and you can produce a musical force powerful enough to break through the barricade dividing the two civilizations.

    Mark Levine: How Led Zeppelin Broke Through the Walls Between Islam and the West

  • J12: Katie Couric interviews Sarah Palin. transcript, played backwards to reveal demonic backmasking jeff vandermeer says:

    Evil Monkey Encounters The Weird

  • But what he's REALLY doing is backmasking Britney Spears records. . .'

    Paid To Wait

  • His devil character in this one is creepy as hell, and his voice sounds like the backmasking from your favorite Ozzy and Judas Priest records.

    Top 10 Movie Monsters » Scene-Stealers

  • HUCKABEE: So, the next thing you will know, somebody will be playing it backwards to find out the subliminal messages that are really there in backmasking.

    CNN Transcript Dec 18, 2007

  • This, of course, is backmasking--a message "hidden" in an audio recording that is only apparent when played backwards.

    Novak's YUM!: ABC Turns Down 'Subliminal' KFC Ad

  • Jeff Milner's handy-dandy backmasking site lets you play songs forwards or backwards, and it even displays the secret satanic messages for you while you listen.

    Backmasking for Dummies

  • The problem with backmasking is that there are so many demonic dialects, who can possibly keep up?

    Backmasking for Dummies


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