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  • noun Plural form of backreference.


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  • If you have multiple subpatterns you would call backreferences in their matching order i.e. the first subpattern in your regex statement would be called by $1, the second by $2, etc.

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  • The \ (and \) are backreferences, which can be used in the replace part (the \1 part).

  • * "," Cnf# backreferences like $1, which brings in the substring from Haystack that matched the first subpattern.

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  • If this modifier is set, preg_replace () does normal substitution of backreferences in the replacement string, evaluates it as


  • Yves Orton dropped by to say that he thought it was fundamentally impossible to reconcile octal escapes and backreferences within a regular expression, and that by perl 5.14, octal escapes in a regular expression should be illegal.

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  • Similar to numeric backreferences, except that the group is designated by name and not number.

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  • Additionally, as of Perl 5.10.0 you may use named capture buffers and named backreferences.

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  • Note that the counting for relative recursion differs from that of relative backreferences, in that with recursion unclosed buffers are included.

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  • But the RegexMatch with backreferences ist to complicated for me.

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  • \1 through \9 are always interpreted as backreferences.

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