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  • verb Present participle of backslap.


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  • This is the kind of person Bush used to snigger at us all about as he backslapped them and told the world how Jonas Salk and MLK weren't fit to wipe these people's posteriors.

    The Fall Of The House Of Bush

  • All sorts of rosy scenarios were drawn and everyone smiled and backslapped to get these unfunded mandates passed.

    Massachusetts Universal Healthcare System Breaking Down Already - Warner_Todd_Huston’s blog - RedState

  • At the 83-year-old stone clubhouse perched atop a hill, members poured out throughout the first day of play on Thursday with the swagger of honorees at a ticker-tape parade: They laughed, backslapped, and high-fived one another.

    Youch! Right in the Shinnecock

  • It's true that no-one ever comes out of court talking about how they have great faith in the British legal system after they have been found guilty and sentenced to a significant period in jail - but it was more the image of the slick politicians the new 'acceptable face' of the BNP being heartily backslapped by the old guard bovver boys in skinheads and shades punching the air that upset me.

    1-0 to the Brutes in Suits

  • SAMUEL CLEMENS capered and backslapped his way through the last months of 1874 like a boy on the last day of school.

    Mark Twain

  • The two leaders appeared unaffected by the accusations as they hugged and backslapped each other in front of the media.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • These people were not stiff Englishmen or Americans; no, they windmilled their arms, they shaped the air with their palms, backslapped, jigged, clapped hand to dagger in affront and almost instantly were good-humored again.

    Two in Time

  • Eating a pork-chop-on-a-stick with one hand and signing autographs with the other, the 61-year-old governor backslapped, shook hands and hugged his way from the booth honoring military veterans to the lifesize carving of a cow from a block of butter.

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • Roberts then blasted his own grand slam, and after the four Diamondbacks backslapped their way to the dugout, the fans demanded that Roberts take a bow.

    NYT > Home Page

  • One by one they grinned, backslapped, and handshook their way past each other into the small conference room.

    New Times News


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