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  • n. A spin that tends to retard, arrest, or reverse the linear motion of an object, especially of a ball.

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  • n. Spin applied to a ball in order to slow it, change its flight, or stop it when it lands.
  • v. To spin (a ball) with this motion.

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  • n. spin (usually of a moving ball) that retards or reverses the forward motion


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  • McAfee had experimented with the rugby-style punt at which Graham excels, but his attempts to drop the football point down and impart the end-over-end "backspin" that tends to kill the ball on kicks near the goal line had produced mostly shanks. Top Stories

  • You can transition automatically between tracks, optionally adding pre-defined effects such as backspin and echo.


  • Use the quick-play controls to curve around hills, "backspin" on greens and


  • Use the quick-play controls to curve around hills, 'backspin' on greens and 'roll' for extra distance on the fairways.


  • Unfortunately, if the ball has any backspin, that can actually reverse the ball's direction and cause it to retreat off the green.

    What Is It? Game 112

  • The AGA believes that technology could add 25% to the distance of an average golfer's drive and double the amount of backspin on wedge shots hit into greens.

    The Radical New Vision of Golf

  • There once was a time in the city when you couldn't do a backspin without hitting a future legend of hip-hop.

    ...And You Don't Stop

  • The obvious allusions and bits of philosophy with which she peppered her conversation had an ironic backspin, her way of hinting that she was unimpressed with her own smarts and, by extension, with the intellectual pretensions of her academic friends.

    Why Do You Hoard? Why Do You Squander?

  • The solution, as you may well know, is to put some serious backspin on your bomb.

    TV review: Dambusters: Building the Bouncing Bomb

  • Labaree has some suggestions for getting out of this useless cycle -- don't pursue goals that schools can't accomplish, don't assume you have the answer -- but gives the pitch his trademark backspin by saying he is sure no one will ever do what he recommends.

    Why low standards for education are good


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